Estate Agent aerial photography

Estate agent aerial photography is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of aerial photography. Box Cottage Photography currently supply aerial images in and around Oxfordshire for 3 estate agents and this list is growing every month. Problems sometimes occur when photographs are needed and needed in a hurry but cutting corners can be an expensive mistake.

Estate Agent aerial photography

Estate Agent aerial photography

When you hire an unlicensed aerial operator for photographs this not only puts the operator in the bad books of the licensing authority but also can bring a fine of £5,000 for the Estate Agent through fines. The Civil Aviation Authority are now aware of estate agents who may have broken the law by operating drones without a license.

A CAA spokesman said: “Any business or person operating an unmanned aircraft for commercial use, requires a permission from the CAA.

“To obtain a permission, they need to submit an operations manual demonstrating how they intend to use the unmanned aircraft, the person operating the device needs to be qualified, having successfully passed an approved training course and they need to have liability insurance in place.

“In addition, any business, which wants to fly within 50m of any property will need an additional permission from the CAA, again providing the necessary assurances.”

Legal operators plan and then proceed with the flight. This is what you pay for. If an operator isn’t authorised to fly then they won’t be insured. By using the latest technology, Box Cottage Photography can produce the very best quality in aerial photography for your clients.

If you need for information about legal operators from the licensing authority then view the CAA website here On the Civil Aviation Authority s website you’ll fine a list of operators who are licensed and legally allowed to fly in the United Kingdom. You’ll find Box Cottage Photography on there. We’re licensed, we’re insured.

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