Aerial Photographs Witney.


aerial photographs witney st marys church

St Mary’s Church in Witney.

One of four churches which make up part of the Witney Parish. The church was rededicated in 1243. It stands close to Church Green just past the Buttercross in the market town of Witney. Shot at 6am one crisp bank holiday morning, this shows Witney in perfect light for Aerial Photography Oxfordshire. Aerial Photographs Witney.

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Box Cottage Photography Aerial supply aerial photography & filming for clients throughout the UK. We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who regulate the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones as they are more generally known. Box Cottage is fully insured to produce aerial imagery. We can give you a unique perspective for you image requirements. Below are a few examples of what we can do. As a Witney photographer, I enjoying seeing familiar scenes from a different or new perspective including this film of St Mary’s Church using Aerial Photographs Witney. There are rules and conditions of flight but as a certified and registered pilot with the CAA we can usually obtain that special shot that a client requires. In order to be a registered pilot you are also required to have the appropriate insurance. Box Cottage also hold this necessary insurance to enable us to fly safely and legally. Take a look below at some examples of our work of Aerial Photography Oxfordshire and further afield. Please contact us if you’d like a quotation for us to capture aerial images for you. We have flown for Estate Agents, surveyors, local government as well as farmers, weddings and for individuals looking for an aerial view of their property. Filming undertaken is capturing in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD).  Still images are captured in a resolution far greater than cameras available to your local high street retailer.


BCP Aerial obtained permission for filming where needed and had total control of the area in which the camera was flown in.