Aerial Images

Aerial Images are captured by using our fleet of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or even drones. Box Cottage have a range of skills and vast hanger of equipment to deliver both aerial images and moving pictures to your specific requirements. We are able to provide clients with raw footage or finished videos and still as well as working with numerous productions companies to provide footage for online use as well as broadcast standard filming.

Box Cottage will work with clients to ensure that we produce exactly what you require. As Civil Aviation Authority approved and fully insured, Box Cottage is able to undertake aerial imagery within the UK.

Aerial Images Aerial Photography Witney

Aerial Images Aerial Photography Witney

Using our many aerial vehicles,  we can capture still and moving images from SD quality for online use to full native 4K video for broadcast or cinema requirements. We have many cameras which we can use to obtain our results. We are also able to work inside using our aircraft and in confined spaces. All aircraft have live feedback of images to the ground so clients can monitor the results as they are captured. These images are full high definition HD.

Not only can aerial images and video provide a unique perspective on the world but it can also help aid industry. Giving just one example, scanning a farmers field can allow the captured and processed data to display where a field yields better crops and where assistance, such as fertiliser, needs to be focused. In turn, this saves treating a large area where it isn’t needed and saves the land owner money in reduced chemical costs.


Please contact us to discuss your aerial images and your requirements.

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You can view more examples of Box Cottage Aerial work here – click here for videos


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