Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery in high definition can change the world’s perspective on everything!
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Aerial imagery from an experienced CAA licensed operator

Aerial Imagery, whether photography or film is a new and exciting part of this business offering massive opportunities for clients. By viewing the world from above everything changes. Using High Definition video, in addition to photography, we capture aerial imagery that has a variety of uses. From social media, to 4K broadcast quality footage for television or film, aerial imagery offers it all.

Open to creative direction, we are more than happy for clients to input on the day of the shoot. In addition the technology available from Box Cottage Photography allows any client to input from their own home. Our equipment allows link-up with satellite trucks for KA Band satellite/LiveU delivery consequently allowing live broadcasts in HD.

Box Cottage Photography can support the work of estate agents and architects. Drone capture of aerial imagery is especially relevant in this area as it is an inexpensive way to capture data about a building or a new perspective on a house sale.

Finally, if this all sounds a bit technical and you are still not sure what you want, do contact us we are happy to discuss any project. To find out more about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones, feel free to contact me as I act as a consultant and can advise you on the use of this technology in your business. Have a look at my consultancy page for more information.

The Legal Stuff

To work commercially with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones, UK based operators need to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. A legal operator must also complete the appropriate qualifications and be fully insured. Box Cottage Photography is fully qualified for commercial flying, to view the click here. You’ll find us under Box Cottage Photography licence number 1743.

In conclusion we are safe and legal to fly.


Aerial Imagery

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