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I thought you might like to know a little bit more about us at Box Cottage Photography so here is a brief history of my involvement in the industry.

About Us – well me!

My name is Barry Clack. I’ve been a photographer since I was 14. I have been a professional photographer since 1999. My clients range from private individuals to multi-national clients from around the globe.

Having picked up my first camera at the age of 14, I was soon asked to capture images for people. Friends and family got me to capture images at parties, weddings, christenings and general gatherings. Originally thinking this was just a hobby I undertook other work. I kept up my hobby though, taking pictures when time permitted. In 1999 after a chance meeting with a Newspaper Group Photographer, I found out The Oxford Journal and Courier Newspaper Group had a vacancy. I applied and was immediately offered the job of Group Photographer on the strength of the images from my portfolio alone.

Early Career

With a good eye for a composition and the ability to quickly capture images from a fleeting glance, I made many front pages. Appearing in both the national and international newspapers I was using the latest digital photography, long before many had even took the leap into digital imagery.

Whilst working as the Newspaper Group Photographer I took on freelance commissions. In May 2001 I decided that my individual clients deserved my full attention and so it was time to leave. I was now able to allow myself more creative flair and freedom. As well as providing media images I worked for a variety of clients. These included but were not limited to record companies, political bodies, local government and some famous faces. Clients loved my relaxed style of photography and the way I created an atmosphere that made subjects feel at ease.

Commissions took me around the world, creating images seen on newspapers, billboards, televisions and privately at the client’s request.

A Short Pause

Many stamps appeared in my passport but it was time to specialise in one genre of photography to allow me to begin a family life. Wedding photography was chosen and as a wedding photographer I covered both private and public weddings. These included the wedding of Matthew Freud to Elizabeth Murdoch at Blenheim Palace and the wedding of Clare Cameron, sister of former Prime Minister David.

David Cameron

I developed a strong relationship with David Cameron from his early days as constituency MP for West Oxfordshire through to the end of his premiership. Continuing to photograph him whilst simultaneously specialising in Wedding Photography.

Other Clients

Not wishing to lose other important aspects of my portfolio, I took on a small number of clients. These clients all required fast image creation and delivery for up to the minute publicity. Work came from organisations such as PR and Commercial companies.

What Next …

I can capture images and deliver them electronically within 10 minutes of creation. I am experienced working for individual clients as well as working to strict briefs for major companies. Inevitably with using digital photography for over 20 years, digital video became another string to my bow. Having supported the work of my local community TV channel Witney TV, I developed new skills. I now have professionally produced video skills to go hand in hand with my photography.

I am now looking to spread my wings once again, literally as well as figuratively! Box Cottage Photography will offer as many services as my skills and experience allow from my base in the historic market town of Witney. Although Witney is my base I am happy and willing to travel to any destination a client may need.

Gaining my Permission for Commercial Operation in 2015 and as an experienced operator I am now able to create my award winning photography from new heights.

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