Aerial Property Photography I received a call from Abbey Properties link a local estate agent here in West Oxfordshire while away on commission in New York to photography a property in Eynsham.

This hidden gem was in need of aerial images to show off the amazing 2 acre plot which comes with the sale of the beautiful Long Barn.

Risk assessments and planning done, off Box Cottage go to Eynsham. With beautiful paddocks and extra long garden this really is a bargain of a house. Ideally for conversion into a business or using, as the current owners do, as a home and business combined.

Mervyn from Abbey Properties worked with myself to show the true potential of the property and how to show its vast area within an image was made easier with an aerial image.

With the job complete it was back to the office and email the images to the estate agent. Within 12 minutes of completing the job the images were on the editing machine and within 28 minutes of leaving the property, all images (13 in total) and the license for use, were with the estate agent. At 38 minutes after both Abbey Properties and Box Cottage had left the property the agent was in possession of all the images and 42 minutes after, feedback for the world to see was on twitter! They said “Thank you  a sterling job carried out with the minimum of fuss.” Twitter link to the post is here

We’ll keep you up to date on how the client saw the property in the aerial images and how the property fared on the market.

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